It used to be that a home’s living room served as the main focal place for entertainment within a home.  However, today’s modern homes have taken this concept to the next level and are now featuring full-service media rooms that mimic the look and feel of a movie theater. These home theater rooms are complete upgrades from the living rooms of the past.  They feature advanced, state-of-the-art equipment and technology, custom designed furnishings and other visual aesthetics that help the homeowner create the media experience of their dreams.  Here are some of the top media room design trends for 2017.  To learn more about media room installation in NJ, contact a home theater installer who can plan a unique design that meets the direct needs of the homeowner.

Theater Seating

Modern home theater design begins with the right seating.  Theater seating makes the media room look and feel authentic, as if the room was an actual movie theater.  Theater seating includes beautiful chairs that can re-position, recline and hold drinks.  Homeowners can make a dramatic statement with high-quality leather or cloth chairs, sofas or sectionals that provide ample visibility to the movie screen.  Seating can be placed in rows for larger parties and front rows can even be decorated with fun decorative ottomans which are a great hit for child seating or for adults who want to prop up their feet in a stylish manner.

Paint Color

When decorating a home theater room do not underestimate the power of the right paint color.  The right paint color can bring life into the media room and complement its overall decor.  Lighter, cooler paint colors make the room look clean, casual and also make it appear much larger.  Such colors include pale blues, mint greens or standard beige.  Warmer, darker colors make the room feel cozy.  Popular colors include deep burgundies, velvety eggplants and even charcoal grays to name a few.  Additionally, many homeowners also opt for luxurious textured wall paper to add to the authenticity of the room.  Popular choices include patterns that range from simple to intricate to elegant, all based upon the homeowner’s personal preferences.

Window Treatments, Draperies & Blinds – Another great way to make use of textures and fabrics is through the use of window treatments, draperies and blinds.  For instance, long black-out curtains and draperies can be used to create a dramatic theater experience for the media room.  They can be hung from the ceiling to the floor to block out natural sunlight for media rooms that may have windows or they can simply be hung for aesthetic appeal.  Electronic window treatments can also be installed, with drapes being opened and closed all with the push of a button.  Plush fabric panels may also be added to the walls to create a warm, inviting experience.

Custom Shelving – Custom shelving is another great feature to include in any media room.  Real life movie theatres do not have visible shelving and the same can hold true for the at-home media room experience.  Custom shelving can be hidden in walls or behind panels.  Such shelving can be used to hold equipment, wiring or even overstocks of supplies.  This is perfect for homeowners who want unsightly or bulky equipment to be hidden from view.

Themes & Other Decor

Another great approach is to theme a home theatre room.  Many people choose to do so with framed movie posters, full-scale popcorn machines, arcade games and even vending machines. Sometimes it is these little details that can bring the entire room together for the largest impact.  Other décor for home theatre rooms include warm throws, pillows and area rugs.  There are endless possibilities when decorating today’s home theatre rooms.

When considering media room design, long gone are the days when this design was only about the installation of systems and equipment.  The design process also includes the home owner’s personal stamp and the unique interior design that makes the room stand out as the go-to entertainment hub of the home.  These well-designed spaces are perfect for entertaining guests, spending quality time with the family or just to sit back and relax while enjoying a favorite movie with popcorn.

To learn more about media room installation in NJ, contact a professional home theater installer who can work with the client and bring their vision to reality.